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jaminan shaklee

Setiap pembelian online, jaminan daripada penjual adalah sangat penting. Ini dapat memastikan apa-apa yang berlaku kepada pesanan yang di buat, boleh di ganti rugi atau sebaliknya. Sebab itu, Shaklee menawarkan jaminan kepada semua pelanggan mereka.

Shaklee sangat mengambil berat dalam memastikan setiap barang yang pelanggan pesan, akan selamat sampai dalam keadaan baik. Namun, syaratnya, anda kena beli produk Shaklee melalui Shaklee sendiri, iaitu laman web rasmi Shaklee, www.shaklee2u.com.my ataupun melalui pengedar sah bebas Shaklee.

Bagaimana nak tahu seseorang itu adalah pengedar sah bebas Shaklee?

Setiap pengedar sah bebas Shaklee, akan diberikan no ahli. Macam saya, no ahli Shaklee saya adalah 887938. Jadi, jika anda membeli melalui saya, dan jika berlaku kesilapan pada pesanan yang anda terima ataupun barang yang anda terima rosak, Shaklee akan memberikan jaminan untuk ganti rugi.


Bagaimana jika beli melalui laman e-dagang?

Pembelian melalui mana-mana laman e-dagang, seperti Lazada, Shopee, Carousell atau banyak lagi, tidak akan menjadi tanggungjawab Shaklee. Ini kerana Shaklee tidak pernah membenarkan pengedar sah bebas Shaklee untuk menjual melalui laman e-dagang. Jika pembelian yang anda terima rosak atau sudah tamat tempoh, ia adalah menjadi tanggungjawab anda sendiri.


Apakah yang ada dalam Shaklee Online Ordering Agreement?

In order to proceed, you must read and accept the below listed terms and conditions by selecting Agree and click Next: – Product Sales

  1. You will verify and confirm that the product(s) and order qty(s), payment method, delivery method and delivery address selected by you are correct upon order confirmation.
  1. Upon order confirmation,you authorize the company to charge your credit/debit card to pay for the said order, if you select credit card as your payment method.
  1. You agree to pay a delivery fee of RM10 if your total purchase is less than RM600. You are aware that delivery fee is waived if your total purchase exceeds RM600 or if your order consists of two (2) Vivix.
  1. After your order confirmation, you agree that the order submitted online cannot be amended, deleted or exchange with other products.
  1. You agreed that Shaklee will deliver the order to you as follow :
    1. For local / main city – 4 – 5 working days from the day you placed the order online.
    2. For outstation & Sabah & Sarawak – 7 – 10 working days from the day you placed the order online
  1. Upon receiving of your order from courier service, you shall check and ensure the product(s) and qty(s) delivered to you are correct as per your order submitted. You shall contact Shaklee’s Customer Service staff within 48 hours if you found any discrepancies. Any discrepancies reported after that will not be attended.
  1. Order submitted online is not returnable or exchangeable unless the product(s) delivered to you are not as per the order submitted, having quality issue or not in consumable condition.
  1. All Independent Shaklee Distributors are free to sell to anyone who is not a Shaklee Distributor, even if that customer is being supplied by another Shaklee Distributor. However, a Distributor may not sell Shaklee products to Distributors who are sponsored outside his or her group.
  1. A Business Leader who sells to one of his or her downline Distributors must always ensure that the UV and PV associated with the transaction are properly transferred to that Distributor in the same month in which the product purchase was made. All UV/PV transfers must be submitted on the UV/PV Transfer Form to Shaklee or perform the UV/PV transfer in this website by the last business day of the month.

Shaklee Guarantee

  1. The Shaklee Guarantee is one of the strongest selling points you have. As an Independent Shaklee Distributor, it is your responsibility to honor the Guarantee among consumers of Shaklee products.
  1. When a consumer seeks to avail of the Shaklee Guarantee, request he or she sign an exchange/refund receipt with the following information:
    • The reason for the exchange or refund of the product;
    • Item description, quantity, lot number, and size;
    • Monetary value of product returned/exchanged
    • Name, address and telephone number of consumer, and
    • Date of return.
  1. As soon as the consumer has signed the exchange/refund receipt, provide him/her with replacement product or refund of the price paid.
  1. In submitting the exchange/refund receipt to Shaklee, please indicate the order number, if available, under which the returned product was originally purchased from Shaklee. Shaklee will provide you with replacement product upon receipt of the returned product and the exchange/refund receipt.
  1. Shaklee Guarantee does not apply to multiple unit or case quantity inventory returns, or return of products past its expiry date.

Inventory Return and Resignation

  1. Distributors in good standing may terminate the Distributor Agreement in writing and withdraw from the Shaklee Malaysia Sales Plan at any time. Any Distributor who is considering this option should first consult his/her upline Sales Leader and Shaklee Customer Service to be fully advised of his/her current rights and obligations regarding resignation.
  1. Upon Shaklee’s acceptance of the termination of a Distributor, the Distributor must return all properties belonging to Shaklee including, but not limited to, this P&R handbook, and any pins and certificates issued by Shaklee.
  1. After Shaklee’s acceptance of a Distributor’s resignation, Shaklee will buy back inventory held by you at a price equal to 90% of the original purchase price, but may deduct from it amounts paid to you in connection with such transactions, as well as the amount of any decrease in value of the returned goods.
  1. Returned products must be in saleable condition (un-saleable products are not accepted), and must have been purchased from Shaklee or upline and within the past sixty (60) days. Prepaid bonuses, as well as unreturned property belonging to Shaklee, will be charged immediately upon the return of the products.
  1. Requests to return products must be made within fourteen (14) days of the Distributor’s effective date of resignation. Do not return any inventory for refund before Shaklee advises you to do so; Shaklee may provide you with additional instructions. Unless Shaklee advises you otherwise, you must arrange and pay for shipping charges on returned products.

Product Return Policy – Defect Product

  1. Products are allowed to be returned ONLY upon fulfilling the following conditions: –
  1. Quality issue due to manufacturing defects based on specific description ascertained by the Company, OR
  2. Product damaged (e.g. dented, leaking, broken and etc.) during transportation process, in which should be reported to Shaklee Customer Service within 3 working days from the date of receipt, except for
    • Product defect due to the negligence, mishandling or improper storage by the distributor/ customer.
    • Expired product.
  1. Product returned must be in original packing with contents not less than 80% of the packing size.
  1. Shaklee shall only accept return of defective products within 60 days from the date of purchase. All product returns must be supported by original Shaklee Invoice or Packslip with the duly completed Product Exchange/Return Form with the following information:
    1. the reason for exchange
    2. item description, quantity, lot number
    3. monetary value of product returned
    4. name, address and contact number of the consumer
    5. date of product returned
  1. NO cash refund is allowed.


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